About us

„Reliable Solution“

The PHAR SERVICE company was founded in 1991 and during the 24 years it has undergone a very dynamic development. Currently, the company ranks among the leading suppliers of technological parts of constructions for the pharmaceutical industry. It operates both on Czech and international market.

From the beginning, the intention was to build a company providing a complete supply- engineering services, including service, specializing in the fields of healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. 

PHAR SERVICE holds a Certificate of quality of the system standard  ISO 9001: 2015 and  ISO 14001: 2015 for the processes:

  • Design, deliveries and providing of construction of civil and industrial buildings
  • Design, deliveries and installations of technologies for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and electrical engineering industries and for health services, including commissioning and post-warranty service

More certificates and qualifications can be found here>

To our customers, we offer complete project solutions from a study to the implementing project, engineering, supply of constructions, supply and installation of HVAC technologies and clean rooms, systems of clean media, piping, manufacturing equipment and constructions made of stainless steel, facility management, technical management of buildings and construction activities

The company is housed in a renovated building in the centre of Prague, Kollárova street in Prague 8. The service facilities, storage and production facilities are located in Dolni Měcholupy.

Between 1997 and 2003, the leaders founded two new subsidiaries - PLANCON Praha, s.r.o. a CONTECO CZ spol s r.o and in that context, there was a redistribution of the services provided under the individual companies.

PHAR SERVICE, a.s. provides:

  • supply and installation of technologies
  • HVAC and clean room
  • system of clean media (purified water, water for injection)
  • CIP, SIP
  • piping
  • manufacturing stainless steel equipment and construction
  • Facility Management
  • technical management of buildings
  • ALCUPRA - an expert for the production of stainless steel products

PLANCON Praha, s.r.o. provides:

  • turnkey projects
  • construction implementation
  • design and engineering work
  • consultation and advisory service
  • partial activities to the extent of an agreement

CONTECO CZ s.r.o. provides:

  • reconstruction and construction of industrial buildings
  • construction and reconstruction of houses
  • measurements of noise and illuminance
  • insurance